Blogging for the evolving academic library… & the world!
Once you publish a new post on your blog, it can be captured in Google caches, every one of your subscribers sees it, and you can’t take it back.

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Weaving the Web 2.0
Science & Engineering Library, University of particularly in response to our users' evolving EBSCOhost ? Academic Search Premier, Business

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The Challenging Changes for Ohio’s Libraries
… LJ 3/15/2004 And Blaise Cronin, Library School Dean “Blogging is it I don’t care Bounded rationality Evolving m not sure I know the role of an academic library in

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The Evolving Web: Keeping Up With Your Patrons
… Wikipedia personal websites –> blogging Evite One Librarian is Doing Bennington’s Crossett Library interests ? shopping, vacations, hobbies, etc. Academic

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Folksonomies and Tagging: Libraries & the Hive Mind
Semantic Infrastructure Approach; Evolving Folksonomies Weblog- 155,917, weblogs ? 36,434, blogging ? 157,922 Semantic Infrastructure: New Library Roles . Library 2.0

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PowerPoint Presentation
Deeper Learning: Using social media, games, blogging 2004 from one-shot events owned by publishers into evolving

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Academic integrity, fair dealing & social media in the
“Is blogging apart of science, journalism or public of higher education faculty: evaluation of library So what do you think academic integrity is? is “a

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… Peer review, Timeliness, Commenting, Blogging, Tweeting online Search Search engines A&I databases Library quizzes Social networking Semantic enrichment Evolving

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Digital Plagiarism and Intellectual Property
Coastal Carolina University Library has compiled Academic Integrity. and Character . Approaches . Preventative … part of an evolving paradigm re: intellectual property

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Principles of Material Development Principles of Web Based
… opportunities and challenges should be tied to library development on their campuses that support an evolving user-driven content will grow with the use of blogging

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