A New Texas ‘Invest in Kids, Invest in Our Future’
3 . Does Robin Hood Help Your Child? 9 in 10 Texas students, or 88%, receive state aid from Robin Hood. 3,700,000 students attend a Robin Hood school; only 490,000


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… Texas Kids in Moderate to High Income Physician Acceptance of New Medicaid Patients in Texas, The truest measure of our future potential is the


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The State Budget and Your Organization: CHIP & Medicaid Update
… (especially for new prenatal program); future federal funding The Insure Texas Kids Campaign and the Texas CHIP Invest in outreach & education


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Pink ( A Whole New Mind ) &
Invest in Creativity *Foster new industries But all of our kids are facing the odds of an education system that is all wrong. Texas, New Jersey,


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Implementing the Cherry Commission Recommendations Within
New Merit Scholarship Parental education is the first step ? “pushy parents” help their kids reach Invest in key “critical needs” educational


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OUR ENERGY FUTURE: A SLATE and teach this to your kids; Invest in purchasing and using appropriate new technologies; Invest in upgrading current technologies;


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FDR, a Virtual High School?
Future plans for online learning online courses will help diversify our course offerings without hiring new teachers ; Learning to Invest in the Stock


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Nano-Energy Applications Part II
Sun is singular solution to our future energy needs. Invest the resultant > $10 billion per year as – Devote a third of this money to New Energy


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Closing the Achievement Gap: Pre-Kindergarten
Texas’ highest earners are retiring now or in the future “Reforming education must begin long before our five Ask your legislators to invest at the


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Adapting to the Future: The Impact of Accelerating Change
There is a growing inability of human minds to imagine some aspects of our future, New Storage Apps, 2 nd: New evolutionary choices in which to invest our precious


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