Copyright K.Cuthbertson, D.Nitzsche . 17 . RESULTS (Fama-French 1996 table IV, Cochrane 1999) Here, ‘Value Stocks’ = ‘losers’ = ‘Reversal strategy’

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Ch 7: Project Analysis Under Risk
Risk can be accounted for by adjusting the NPV calculation discount rate: there are two methods ? either the WACC, or the CAPM

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Calculating Discounts
School district calculation: Calculate the E-rate discount for each individual school in the school district; Calculate the weighted average discount

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An Introduction to the International Financial Management
Cash flows for two businesses in different currencies and the valuation of the overall business. Calculation of the discount rate for each business.

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Financial Management 9/e
Conceptually, what is the appropriate discount rate to apply to the . target Terminal value = = = $221.0 million. Discount Rate Calculation

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Asset Retirement Obligations
Uncertainties in the amount and timing are incorporated into the fair value calculation; The entity’s credit standing is reflected in the discount rate used,%2520144,%2520147.ppt

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Risk, Return, and Discount Rates
How must the discount rate change in our standard NPV calculation if the cash flows are not riskless? This is more easily answered from the “other side.”

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Hurdle rates for Firms
We can use a basic dividend discount model (DDM) to estimate the implied risk The required rate of return for bondholders of a particular firm is a function

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Week 9
This rate is used to price the bond issue (.i.e, the discount rate in the PV calculation) Determine the discount rate to compute the present value of the

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Lecture 5 Project Analysis Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
At a 10% discount rate, is this a good investment? (Ignore taxes) Net present value calculation -300,000 + PMT(50,000, 10%, 20)

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