Character Motivation . A motive is a reason that explains or partially explains a character’s thoughts, feelings, actions, or speech. If the motives of a main

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Character in Fiction
Definition . Characters: the people in the story; Characterization: the process by which the writer makes the character seem real to the reader

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How To Analyze A Character
Initial study of a part will give you general ideas about the character you are to play.

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Character Development
Character Development . Using the Character Development Scale to Identify & Enhance Character Traits

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Types of Characters . Characters may be categorized by how well developed and complex they are. Flat characters have only one or two personality traits.

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Summer 2006 . Amber Ainsworth. Character . What is a character trait? Character traits (e.g. miserliness, pedantry and intolerance) are part of the basic orientation of

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Introduction to Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Workshop on international standards, contemporary technologies and regional cooperation Noumea, New Caledonia, 4 ? 8 February 2008 . Introduction to Optical Character

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Character . Creating Characters. Character Development. Speech. Appearance. Private Thoughts. How Other Characters Feel. Actions. Direct and Indirect Characterization

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Character, Actor, Star: The concept of building narrative
Character, Actor, Star: The concept of building narrative . It is equally important to understand characters within a drama or comedy; Without characters there could

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Literary Elements Character
1 . Literary Elements Character . as a literary term, refers to a person or an animal in a story, poem, novel, or a play. A writer who is adept in the realistic

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