Horticulture and You
Horticulture and You . Your Guide To Careers in. Horticulture and Landscaping . Waterfront Habitat Restoration Project, Burlington Bay – photo OHEC


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Do you really know what we’re about? Most people think………….. You people dig in the dirt; You people play with flowers; Anybody could do that stuff


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Please Write the Following Objectives in Your Notes Packet . By the end of this unit I will be able to: Define horticulture and describe its relationship to


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Horticulture Business Management
Key Questions . What is entrepreneurship? What are 3 ways of doing business and how do they relate to the economic system? How do you prepare a business plan?


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Principals of Organic Horticulture Beneficials . If You Can’t Say It Don’t Spray It . Principals of Organic Horticulture Beneficials . Quiz Time Again .


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PowerPoint Presentation
Look for an open houses or Horticulture Nights when you can have guided tours of the plantings. The West Central Experiment Station in Morris,


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Career Opportunities in Horticulture
Good to know that horticulture is so much more than Always good to know what jobs are available in a particular field if you are considering changing


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Advanced Horticultural Societies
simple horticulture, you will recall, permits the land to lie fallow for 20 or 30 years before using it again. mode of production .


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Intro to Horticulture
Intro to Horticulture . Can you think of why we would want to do this?? What kind of plants could we do this on?? Internal Stem Structure . What does


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Introduction to the Horticulture Industry
Horticulture is the culture of plants for food, comfort, and beautification . What are skills you need in order to be successful in a horticulture career?


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