Introduction to MFC
Where we’re headed… What’s that GUI stuff all about? Event-driven programming; MFC History; Win32 API; MFC ; Message Handling; Class Types & Hierarchy

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Advanced Windows Programming with MFC
Introduction . MFC AND THE MULTIPLE DOCUMENT INTERFACE. Synchronizing Multiple Views of a Document; The MdiSquares Application; Supporting Multiple Document

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Windows Programming Using MFC and Visual C ++ .Net
Introduction to Windows Programming Using MFC and Visual C ++.Net. Introduction . 5 . COURSE RESOURCES . Web address:

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Introduction : MFC Provides an assortment of array classes for users . ARRAY . Type-Specific MFC Array Classes . ARRAY . Sample : CStringArray . ARRAY .

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MFIs and Risk Management Tools for the Poor: An
MFIs and Risk Management Tools for the Poor: An Introduction to MicroInsurance . Fifth Annual Conference of MicroLending. Institutions in C&EE and the NIS

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Introduction to .NET
Introduction to .NET . Frank McCown. TechLunch. Old Dominion University. March 28, 2007 . Before .NET . Windows GUI development: Win32 API, MFC, Visual Basic; Web

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Recent Trend in Stock Valuation (??????????)
INTRODUCTION . 3. Capital Asset Pricing Model . Return and risk of one security: – Expected return = the measure of the security’s return.

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Focus Group Techniques for Microfinance
Introduction to Focus Group Discussion Techniques Focus Lessons learnt from the Regional Implementation with MFC Partner Institutions .

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Introduction to Windows Programming
Basic Windows Programming . Page 2 . References . Developing Professional Applications for Windows 95 and NT Using MFC, Marshall Brain and Lance Lovett, Prentice Hall

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Introduction to Visual Programming
Introduction to Visual Programming . Dale Roberts, Lecturer. Computer Science, IUPUI. E-mail: [email protected] . Examples: Motif, MFC, Qt, GTK, etc.

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