Writing with Quotations
Learning Objectives . Recognize and use different types of quotations; Choose and place meaningful quotations; Correctly punctuate quotations


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Quotations : Writing What People Say
Taking notes . Don’t try to write everything your source says. Write down good sounding quotes. Good quotations express person’s character, personality.


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Using Quotations in Your Writing
In writing about literature, use direct quotations from the text(s) you are analyzing. They help to establish your critical authority and they have stronger


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Punctuating Quotations
Direct Quotations (writing a speakers exact words) Use quotation marks at the beginning and end of a direct quotation; Ex: “I hate the Red Sox,” said Martin.


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Using Quotations in Scholarly Writing
Using Research in Writing . First, each piece of information is embedded in a paragraph you have written in support of your thesis. It does not stand alone.


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Writing & Incorporating Quotes Effectively
To avoid confusing your readers, punctuate quotations correctly, and work them smoothly into your writing. Punctuation shows your readers:


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The Writing Center
Integrate quotations, paraphrases, and summaries effectively . As a writer you need to incorporate sources gracefully into your own prose so that your paper’s focus


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Apostrophes & Quotation Marks
The Brenham Writing Room. Created by D. Herring . In quotations; In titles . Quotation Marks continued . A quotation is the report of a person’s words.


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Elaboration: Strategic Teaching To Improve Student Writing
Component 3.1.1 Develops ideas and organizes writing . EALR 3. QUOTATIONS– are words someone says that can help support your idea or argument.


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Quotations prove what your writing says, and substantiate contentious points; Quoting inaccuracies can be useful; Example:


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