Gender and Intimate Relationships
Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, and Reproductive Freedom . Chastity pleges; Courtship and betrothal, commitment to marriage before a relationships develops and courtship

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Ch. 7 ? Gender and Intimate Relationships
Gender and Family . The word family is very telling. Family derives from the Latin word famulus, which means “household servant or slave.” Historically, a man’s

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Intimate Relationships and Communication
Developing Intimate Relationships . Homosexual relationships in relation to heterosexual relationships; Traditional gender roles; Societal attitudes . 18

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In rewarding intimate relationships friends and families meet these needs. Gender Identity- personal sense or awareness of being masculine or feminine.

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Chapter Seven
Gender Differences: Intimate Relationships . Self-disclosure is important; Those who value intimacy tend to be more trusting, concerned for others,

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Genes, Culture, Gender
Gender Differences . Independence versus connectedness – Women, more than men, give priority to close, intimate relationships – Women have more,%2520Culture,%2520Gender.ppt

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Chapter 5 Healthy Relationships and Sexuality
intimate relationships go beyond sexual contact; Gender Roles / stereotypes – generalization to how males and females should express their gender;

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Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders
Gender identity disorders; In sexual dysfunctions the focus of impairment is relational which creates barriers in establishing or maintaining intimate relationships

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Power in Intimate Relationships
Power in Intimate Relationships . Is the principle of least interest true? How is power communicated? Why do we have a need for power? Gender differences;

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Forming intimate relationships
Forming intimate relationships . dating, sexuality, partner selection . Love, marriage and family . Many social rules about love and family; gender relations,

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