Julius Caesar
Elements of Fiction/Shakespearean Tragedy . Act V. This act includes a catastrophe, which is another climactic turning point in the story line.


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The Early Years . Born in 100 B.C. to Aurelia (mom) and Gaius Julius Caesar (dad) and grew up in the Republic during days of the Marius/Sulla struggle


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Julius Caesar
Historical Background . 60 BC ? Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey rule Roman Empire (They’re called the First Triumvirate) Pompey became nervous (jealous?) of Caesar


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Julius Caesar
Unit Standards . History ; 2.2 Students will be able to analyze historical information. Reading; 1.1 Students will be able to use word recognition and word meaning


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Caesar PowerPoint
Julius Caesar . Youth . Peter Scully . With video by: Aaron Bugg . Bill Callahan . Patrick Hanthorn . By: 100? ― 44 B.C.


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Julius Caesar Act I
Explain why the commoners are celebrating in the first scene. (Two reasons) The feast of Lupercal; Caesar’s triumph over Pompey’s sons: war victory


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Julius Caesar for Dummies
Poetry Terms . Monologue? One person speaking on stage; E.g., Antony’s speech to the plebeians about Caesar; Soliloquy? A long speech wherein a character


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Julius Caesar
Who was Julius Caesar? Roman army general; Had led his army to conquer the whole of Gaul; Had sent an expedition over to Britain; Was a popular hero with his


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WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE . An Introduction to the Playwright and his Play, Julius Caesar


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The Life and Death of Julius Caesar
The Life and Death of Julius Caesar . By; Michelle, Megan, and Melissa


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