order vs. equality vs freedom . which one is more important to you, and why? why should this question even matter to me?


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Chapter One
Three concepts for determining the fundamental issues or values of what government tries to do and how it decides to do it are order, freedom and equality.


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The three concepts of government are freedom, order, and equality. The original dilemma of democracy pits FREEDOM VS. ORDER. As citizens, how much of our


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Lecture 4: The Nature of Human Values
A. Measurement: Rank Order, No ties. B. Comparisons with other samples Freedom vs. Equality: What is your Political Philosophy? A. What would you be if you


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Principles of Democracy
C) Equality of Opportunity (p. 36) Related to social stratification and When does a demonstration cease to be free? Order Vs. Freedom


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Chapter One
Order; Liberty, Equality, Property; Men/women are not angels of individuals consistent with freedom of others; Equality = all equality and equal opportunity vs. equality


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Welcome to American Government!
How would you describe the event? What were some messages/themes you remember from the address? What are your reactions? freedom, order, equality


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American Government and Politics Today
Ideologies: Liberalism vs. Conservatism . Conservatives tend to favor limited governmental involvement in the economic sector. Economic freedom is seen as a


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Maintain order; Laws, police powers, property Liberty vs. Equality: Equality: every person is equal Protect individual freedom: – inalienable


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Freedom or equality more important; percentage preferring freedom: Merit vs equality Rank order of countries on the four indexes


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