Neurons Structure and Conduction of a Nerve Impulse
conducts signal away from cell body to another neuron or effector cell . Axon Ending ; a cluster of branches (100’s to 1000’s) each with

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the neuron . prepared by hugh potter,ph.d. biology department. union county college . all images used with the permission of the publishers of the slice of life video

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Neurons and Neurotransmitters
the bushy, branching extensions of a neuron that receive messages and conduct impulses toward the cell body; Axon; the extension of a neuron, ending in

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Neuron Structure and Firing
3 Different Neurons . Sensory Neuron? detects changes in the external or internal environment; Located in the PNS; Carries information from PNS to CNS

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What is a neuron?
The Neuron . A neuron is a nerve cell; like any other cell in the body . Neurons are similar to other cells in the body in some ways . However, neurons differ

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Neurons, Hormones, and the Brain
Neurotransmitter: Chemical substance that is released by transmitting neuron at the synapse and alters the activity of the receiving neuron.

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The Neuron:Quiz Game
Click to Play! Neuro Quiz ? Michael McKeough 2008 . Identify the correct question . The Neuron

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The ANS and Visceral Sensory Neurons
Preganglionic neuron ? cell body lies within the CNS – its axon, the preganglionic fiber synapses with the 2 nd motor neuron, the ganglionic neuron, in a

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Neural Conduction
It can act at a metabotropic receptor associated with a signal protein that is attached to a G-protein inside the neuron;

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Neural and Hormonal Systems
Steps of Action Potential . Dendrites receive neurotransmitter from another neuron across the synapse. Reached its threshold- then fires based on the all-or-none response.

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