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KIDNEY RLO 1 ? anatomy . Page 1 . In the body, two kidneys, two ureters and the bladder form the urinary system. The kidneys are located at waste level in the abdomen

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Agenesis . Fusion. Dysplasia. Simple cysts. Polycystic kidney disease . Congenital Anomalies:

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The Excretory System
Gross Anatomy- KIDNEY . 6. Most of the medulla is made up of RENAL PYRAMIDS with a base facing outward and papilla facing the hilus . Gross Anatomy- KIDNEY . 7.

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ANATOMY: KIDNEY continued . Functional Units: Nephrons; Renal Papillae (Tip of Pyramid) Minor Calyces (“Cup” receives Urine from Collecting Duct/Renal

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Two Common Diseases of Captive Chelonians
Respiratory System Breath in and out of nares; Trachea has complete cartilaginous ring ; Short trachea bifurcates directly into the paired

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Function of the urinary system: maintains blood volume and concentration eliminates urine Urine= water and filtered solutes from blood

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Genital-Urinary System
Anatomy: Kidney . Renal pelvis; Ureter; Renal pyramids drain urine into the ureter; Renal artery; Renal Vein . Blood supply to the kidney . Aorta

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Urinary System
Superficial Anatomy . Kidney bean shaped; Convex laterally; Concave medially; Renal hilus; Renal hilus; Entrance/ exit; Renal blood vessels; Ureter . Kidney

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Maternal physiology
ANATOMY; Kidney enlargement; increased renal vascular and interstitial volume, R>L; Ureteral and renal pelvis dilatation by 8 weeks; Right > left ; mechanical

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Renal Ultrasound
Renal anatomy; kidney is covered by a true capsule; kidney is surrounded by perinephric fat; fat is bounded anteriorly & posteriorly by fibrous sheath

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