Crimes Class PowerPoint
Crimes Class PowerPoint . Take Notes on each topic and. Each Group will Present their 2-3 Topic.

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Chapter 1 ? Crime and Criminology
Criminologists are concerned with how deviant acts become crimes and vice versa; When should crimes be decriminalized? Law is a tool of the ruling class;

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In 1764, criminologist Cesare Beccaria wrote An Essay on Crimes and Punishments, began focusing on crime by and against the working class.

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Cyber Crimes
For class schedule, descriptions and registration:; Sign up online; Cyber Crimes Overview . Types of Cyber Crimes the FBI investigates.

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Privileged Deviance
Many white-collar crimes are especially difficult to prosecute because the perpetrators are sophisticated criminals who have white-collar class,

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You’re encouraged to share any ideas and suggestions that you have with the class. ROLE OF POLICE- INVESTIGATION BE ALERT TO Hate crimes; noncapital

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Social Correlates of Delinquency
Selective focus on “crime in the streets” (these are crimes more characteristic of lower class; When MC commits these crimes, almost

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Chapter 8
Race, Class, Gender and Crime; The Criminal Justice System: Police, courts and the Law; the majority of Blacks or Hispanics do not commit any crimes.

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Nuremberg Trial Visual
… that the highest officials of a government are answerable before the bar of international courts for committing war crimes, 1 or 2 class Sessions; This lesson PowerPoint Capability Required

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Societal Reaction Theories for Crime
The criminal was a member of a third marginal class Marx called the “lumpenproletariat ” Marx Sexual Crimes; Crimes of Vengeance; Political Crimes .

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