Hypothesis Testing: z-test & t-test
When you make a testable hypothesis, you specify the relationship you expect to find between your IV and the DV. If you specify the exact direction of the relationship


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9: Basics of Hypothesis Testing
9: Basics of Hypothesis Testing . In Chapter 9: 9.1 Null and Alternative Hypotheses. 9.2 Test Statistic. 9.3 P-Value. 9.4 Significance Level. 9.5 One-Sample z Test


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PowerPoint Presentation
The intent of hypothesis testing is formally examine two opposing conjectures Critical Values and Decision Rules are the same as for any Z-test or t-test.


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Advanced Data Analysis ? Hypothesis Testing
Advanced Data Analysis ? Hypothesis Testing . Hypothesis Tests ; z-test; Used to test hypotheses that a mean is greater (less) than or equal to some value


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Hypothesis Testing
Understand the definitions used in hypothesis testing. State the null and alternative hypotheses. Find critical values for the z test.


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Overview of Hypothesis Testing
Overview of Hypothesis Testing . Laura Lee Johnson, Ph.D. Statistician Z test . Variances equal? T test w/ pooled variance . T test w/ unequal variance


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Chapter 8
Outline: The logic of hypothesis testing; The Five-Step Model; Hypothesis testing for single sample means (z test and t test) Testing sample proportions


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Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing for Differences . Independent Samples * Two-Group t test * Z test * Paired. t test . Hypothesis Tests . One Sample . Two or More Samples


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Hypothesis Testing:
Hypothesis Testing about Means # Groups . Purpose . Test . Comment . One . Sample and Population comparison . Z-test . If ? is known; and large samples


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Hypothesis Testing
Critical Values for the Z Test . 2.576 . 2.326 .01 . 1.960 . 1.645 .05 . Research Hypothesis Testing Example . The mean lifetime of a particular brand of light bulb is


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