IUD – An Update
prgilbert/vw-99 . 3 . did not involve the safety or efficacy of these IUDs . doctors switched to copper IUDs, sales of all-plastic devices declined


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Tales from the camel’s womb: 100 years of IUDs
Today, there is increasing evidence that this IUD has an effectiveness date that may approach 20 years. This


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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About IUDs
However, the US has lagged behind other countries in adopting the IUD – only Refer to the 2004 WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria with update in 2008


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Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)-Contraceptive Technology Update
IUD Safety . Research has proven IUDs to be safe . and effective . Elements of high quality care: appropriate screening . informative counseling . adequate infection


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Insert, Update & Delete Performance
Insert, Update and Delete . IUD Basics; Multi-row Inserts; Logical IO count; IUD Operations and Indexes; IUD Operations and Foreign Keys


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Contraceptive Update
Contraceptive Update . Recent IUD Findings . ParaGard is effective for 12 years (off label) 1; No increased risk of infertility in nulliparous IUD users 2;


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Intrauterine Contraception
IUD/IUS do not cause pelvic infection ; Risk higher than background only in three weeks after insertion; IUDs ? An update. Series B, Number 6.


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Contraceptive Technology Update (CTU): What’s New Out
Contraceptive Technology Update (CTU): “The IUD has the worst reputation of all methods … except among those using it


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Hormonal Contraceptives: The Good, The Bad, and The
Don’t forget about IUD’s and NuvaRing for those patients who cannot remember to take pills; Masimasi, N, et. al. Update on hormonal contraception.


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Teaching Contraception: An Update
Teaching Contraception: An Update . Norma Jo Waxman, MD. Tubal infertility is linked to presence of antibodies to Chlamydia but NOT history of IUD 3;


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