Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole, & Repetition
Onomatopoeia . Onomatopoeia is the imitation of natural sounds in word form. These words help us form mental pictures about the things, people, or places that are


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Figurative Language Power poi nt – Infusion
onomatopoeia . Simile: a way of . describing . something by . comparing it with something . else using "like" or "as" I am hungry as a horse.


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Figures of Speech
Onomatopoeia; Hyperbole . TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE! Life is a beach! (A)Metaphor (B)Alliteration (C) Simile . TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE! “Peter


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Go Figure!
Onomatopoeia; Hyperbole; Idioms . Imagery . Language that appeals to the senses. Descriptions of people or objects stated in terms of our senses. ? Sight


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Figurative Language Game
onomatopoeia . hyperbole . alliteration . metaphor . onomatopoeia . simile . personification . metaphor . simile . metaphor . onomatopoeia . metaphor . simile . personification . metaphor .


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They often contain hyperbole, onomatopoeia, idioms and other figurative devices. The 1st, 2nd & 5th lines rhyme, with 3 beats per line;


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PowerPoint Presentation
Onomatopoeia . SLAM!! Went the door. ZOOM!! Went the jet. Hyperbole . I ate a mile high ice cream cone. It’s been days since I’ve had sleep.


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Onomatopoeia; Hyperbole; Simile; Symbol “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.


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Elements of Poetry
Hyperbole ; Imagery . Onomatopoeia; Oxymoron; Personification; Simile; Synecdoche . Alliteration . Alliteration is the repetition of initial consonant sounds in words.


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Figurative Language
ONOMATOPOEIA . OXYMORON . SIMILE . METAPHOR . HYPERBOLE . PERSONIFICATION . http://www.tnellen.com/cybereng/lit_terms/personification.html . Click each type of figurative language to


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