Anesthetic Management of the Elderly Patient
Anesthetic Management of the Elderly Patient . Raymond C. Roy, PhD, MD. Professor & Chair of Anesthesiology. Wake Forest University Health Sciences

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The Cancer Patient and Anesthesia
Review questions relating to the anesthetic management of cancer patient to assess SRNA Number of deaths increasing with growing elderly population.

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Thyroid Disease and Anesthetic Considerations
Thyroid Disease and Anesthetic Considerations patients, especially in elderly Perioperative Management of the Thyrotoxic Patient.

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Managing Pain in the Surgical Patient
Provide pre-anesthetic evaluation An elderly patient taking six medications is Acute Management of the Chronic Pain Patient.

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Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction: The Next Challenge in
Long-Term Implications of POCD and Anesthetic Management Effect of patient, procedure and anesthetic variables on outcome was * Elderly group significantly different

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ANESTHETIC MANAGEMENT OF VASCULAR SURGERY . DENNIS STEVENS CRNA major vascular surgery are frequently elderly evaluation significant in this patient population

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Anesthesia for Valvular Heart Surgery
Frail + elderly ? dose (or avoid) Intraop: std TR- Anesthetic Management . Premed- benzos; Std monitors + art line Knowledge of patient + extent of valvular heart

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In-Patient Dental Anesthesia Major oral and fasciomaxillary
Tumor surgery (elderly) Palate Surgery Anesthetic management Airway : Technique . Is the patient is unable to open his mouth?

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-elderly, insulin deficiency, renal ANESTHETIC MANAGEMENT OF HYPERTHYROIDISM . Elective surgery should be deferred until the patient is rendered euthyroid and

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Epidural Infusion and Pain Management
This may make patient prone to lower blood pressure especially if partially dehydrated and/or elderly. Adult Pain Management Flow Sheet . Slides 15

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