Geography Glossary
A . Abiotic: Non-living thing. Usually refers to the physical and chemical components of an organism’s environment. Also called inorganic. Ablation: Surface removal of

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Glossary for Political Geography
A . Accretion: The addition of land to a State or other area by natural processes such as the gradual shift in the bed of a river or the creation of land from

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What is. Geography? River Basin . Rainfall . Environment . Pollution . Economic Geography . Lake . Delta . Human Geography . Wind . Forest . Beach . Atmosphere

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geography? 2) A location on Glossary Physical Landforms . Complete the notes page as we work through the different types of landforms found on the earth’s surface. Basin

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Geography Terms
Grade 6/7: Geography . Blueprint Skill: Identify and use the key geographic elements on maps (i.e., island, flood plain, swamp, delta, marsh, harbor, cape, sea

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Glossary . Protected species ? can be animals or plants that are given special protection. National symbol ? the sign or emblem of a country.

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Understanding the Modern Firm’s Strategies: Theories and
“Strategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of Industrial Enterprise”, p. 16 apud “Economic Geography Glossary”. Source:

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Wilson’s School Geography Department . Glossary for Unit 1 “Restless Earth” Candidates are expected to know the terms listed by specification section below.

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7 th Grade Geography: STANDARD 1. You may find the included “Landform Glossary” helpful for your students. If desired,

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Government Information and Competitive Intelligence
(ICPSR Glossary) Data and do not relate one on one to Census data and geography . Transforming Zip Codes Into ZCTA’s .

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