Intelligent textiles
New technology within fibre and fabric development has resulted in the evolution of intelligent fibres and fabrics often referred to as “smart” materials.

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NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) Defense Related
NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) Defense Related Intelligent Textiles and Clothing for Ballistic and NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Protection

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Soldier Systems Technology Roadmap- E-Textile Power
Intelligent Textiles Limited, London UK . September 23, 2009 Vancouver, B.C. 2 . What is Included in This Discussion of E-Textile Power Distribution .

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Nanotechnologies for Textiles, Clothing and Footwear
Develop smart and intelligent textiles with novel functions; Greatly increase the use of fibres in technical textiles, biomedical

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Natick Update
Intelligent Textiles serving as the backbone for warfighter electronics, optics and sensor suites; Lightweight ballistic protection; Improved

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Minimally Invasive Gathering of Body Context Information from
Intelligent textiles, monitoring of textile changes; Minimizing foreign concepts/components; Eases user acceptance of innovation . UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN . DUBLIN

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Intellectual Property Rights and Business Opportunities for
Intelligent Textiles: patents, trade secrets. Innovative process of weaving complex electrical circuits into conductive fabrics such as cotton, wool and

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ICT WP 2007-08 Challenge 5 – Strategic Objective:
Wearable systems (intelligent textiles) for prevention, early diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases . OFSETH (

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Ingen bildrubrik
Intelligent textiles for medical applications . Smart bandages . Sensors and data-processing components . Range of bio-sensors . To monitor vital body functions .

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New Multifunctional Textiles: Antimicrobial Treatments
New Multifunctional Textiles: Antimicrobial Treatments "INTELLIGENT TEXTILE STRUCTURES – APPLICATION, PRODUCTION & TESTING“ 12-13/5/2005, Thessaloniki, Greece

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