Nursing Literature Review
Slide 2 . Skilled professionals . Integrate information from a variety of sources . Nursing & healthcare ; science, social sciences, current events

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Nursing Leadership: Literature Review
Slide 7 . Journals ? Nurse Leader/Admin. Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership. Case Manager. Health Care Manager. Home Healthcare Management & Practice

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Master’s Exam Orientation
All exams include a review of the literature ? so all potential test-takers may begin here. In your coursework you will be required to review nursing literature

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Research for “Dummies”
Understanding nursing research. Building an evidence-based practice. St. Louis: Saunders/Elsevier. Garrard, J. (2007). Health sciences literature review made easy.

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Literature Review and Research Presentation compiled
Part I. Elements of an Effective Literature Review by D. Grant Allen, Pulp & Paper Nursing, Advances in Nursing Science, Applied Nursing Research

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Determining the Value of Simulation Training Within Nurse
The aim of this literature review was to determine whether simulation training is an appropriate and affective teaching method to be used in nursing.

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Writing a Literature Review
Copying = automatic fail . Writing a Literature Review . Evaluating and describing . other people’s work . What is a literature review?

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Give two nursing interventions identified in your literature review. (See number 2) Give the reasons these interventions are applicable . to the client, diagnosis

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No Slide Title
Global quality criteria, standards, and indicators for doctoral programs in nursing; literature review and guideline development. International Journal of Nursing

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Literature Review
Purposes of the literature review . To determine what is already known about the Two important abstract sources for the nursing literature are Nursing Abstract and

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