Output Devices
Monitor . Pixels ? the more pixels per inch, the smoother the image; Dot Pitch ? the space from one pixel to another; Resolution ? number of columns and rows


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Output Devices
Output . Once the computer has processed all the information from the inputs then it must display or output the information in some way.


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Chapter 6 Output
Define the four categories of output . Identify the different types of display devices . Describe factors that affect the quality of a monitor


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Input and Output Devices
Input Devices . An input device transfers data from the outside world into a computer. There are two different categories of input device.


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Output Devices Chapter 3 Burdea
HMD . Tradeoff between FOV and resolution; Why? LCD for lower end; CRTs for higher end (higher resolution) Newer HMDs LCOS; Inputs; VGA, NTSC/PAL


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Hardware: Input, Processing, and Output Devices
Chapter Topics . Computer system components ; The power, speed, and capacity of processing and main memory devices. Access methods, capacity and portability of


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Input and Output Devices
Output devices . Output devices provide information or feedback in a form which is understandable by humans; Visual output, in 2-D, using a Visual Display Unit


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History of Output Devices
1991. HP introduces first inexpensive inkjet printer . Major Development Timeline. In Computer Output Technology . 1984. HP introduces first consumer


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Output Devices
Output Devices . To get processed information out of a computer, you need an output device. ‘Output’ means to produce the results of processed data


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Input/Output and Communication
I/O Processors communicates with input and output devices through separate address, data, and control lines. This


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