How to write an Introductory paragraph
In the next three slides you will view completed introductory paragraphs. Created by José J. González, Jr. Spring 2002 . 11 . General

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The Five-Paragraph Essay
Restate each subtopic as the topic sentence for each of the next three paragraphs. First Subtopic (Example #1) “He is beautiful and easy to care for. ” is

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Using an Anecdote in an Introductory Paragraph
Thesis Statement ? tells the reader what your main topic is and what each of the three body paragraphs is about. Hint . You want to

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Basic Five-Paragraph Essay
The two (at least) points you use in each of your body paragraphs . should support the topic sentence of your paragraph, and thus your thesis . as well.

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Types of Paragraphs . The narrative paragraph; tells a story; The persuasive paragraph. tries to convince the audience ; The descriptive paragraph;

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The Conclusion Paragraph
It restates the thesis and contains echoes of the introduction and body paragraphs without listing the points covered in the essay. It

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FUNCTION . The function or purpose of a good paragraph is to introduce a claim and discuss textual ‘evidence’ relating to that claim . The best paragraphs have a

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W riting Body Paragraphs
Created by José J. Gonzalez, Jr. Spring 2002 . 2 . HOW IS THE BODY PARAGRAPH DIFFERENT? Of the three paragraphs–introductory, body and concluding– the body is

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The 5 Paragraph Persuasive Essay
Paragraph One Introduction . Begin with an Interest Catcher ; List the topic of your essay; List three main points of body paragraphs

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The Five-Paragraph Essay: Template for College Writing
Body Paragraphs . Create Hook; Establish background context for writing; Give thesis; Preview evidence/organization; Springboard . Context & Claim .

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