Jobs Act ? 504 Debt Refinance Program . Eligible Project Costs. 504 loan proceeds are to be used to SBA 504 Loan 350,000 (38.9% in this example, to pay

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The SBA 504 Loan Program
25 year old Certified Development Company (CDC) ? SBA 504 Loan Program Statewide; Work with borrowers throughout the Commonwealth

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Why SBA 7a and 504?
History of the 504 Program . Created in October Licensed and regulated by the Small Business Administration (SBA) Advantage of a 504 Loan . For the Borrower; Low

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SBA 504 Lending Regulatory Considerations
14 . Resources . SBA 504 Loan Program: Small Businesses’ Window to Wall Street State listing of CDCs

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504 Program
Program and transaction legal advisors to underwriters and DCFC. SBA 504 Capital Markets Team Source: Merrill Lynch Research, 1998. Issuer and Trustee (BNYM) SBA Loan

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SBA 504: Your Key to Greater Profits, Reduced Risks
Colson Services Corporation contracts with the SBA to serve as the Central Servicing Agent for the 504 Loan Program, for both MBFC and its borrowers.

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SBA 504 Loans-An Important Tool for Community Lenders
Myth: “SBA loans are last resort financing.” Fact: The 504 Loan program is designed for expansion of healthy, credit-worthy businesses.

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THREE LOAN PROGRAMS . Revolving Loan Fund Program (RLF) SBA 504 Loan Fund Program (SBA 504) Intermediary Relending Program (IRP)

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PowerPoint Presentation
The SBA 504 Loan Program . A “Win-Win” for the bank . and the small business! . Updated by SEED Corp. 10/11

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The SBA 504 Loan Program provides three-tiered financing for purchase of real estate or purchase of real estate and construction or, in some cases, purchase of long-lived

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