Warm Up in Swimming!
Warm-up in Swimming . Warming up before competition is important because it prepares the body for greater effort and reduces the risk of muscle and joint injury.


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Warm Up
Georgia Performance Standards . SSWH1 ; Description: SSWH1 The student will analyze the origins, structures and interactions of complex societies in the ancient


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Warm Up
Warm Up . List your favorite brand for the following: Jeans; Shampoo; Shoes; Explain why you like these particular brands?


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Warm-UP, Day 1 of Slope:
Warm-UP, Day 1 of Slope: Write down everything you remember about slope! hints- what is it, when is it used, what variable represents slope, what is it used for


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Warm-up . What do you know about Photosynthesis and Respiration? What do you think they have to do with one another? Record your warm-up in the space provided on your


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Warm Up
Warm Up . In the kitchen you will find three different forms of water. What are these forms of water and where would you find them?


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Causes of World War I Long-Term Causes: Nationalism: Definition: Deep devotion to one’s nation; Balkan Nationalism: Many ethnic groups, each hoped to


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Warm Up
Strategies for Exploring Data . Plot the data – usually with a histogram or stemplot. Look for an Overall Pattern (shape, center, spread) and striking Deviations (outliers)


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Warm Up
Warm Up . Make a bulls eye diagram/ venn diagram showing the differences and similarities between plant and animal cells.


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Warm-up . Wet floor is left to dry up. ? Are these examples of evaporation? Feeling cool under air-conditioner. Ironing wet clothes to dry them.


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