e-Filing of Returns
What is e-Filing . The process of electronically filing Income tax returns through the internet is known as e-Filing. It is mandatory for Companies and Firms


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NCCS-GuideStar NASCOnet E-Filing Update
State Charity Registration . 212,000 registrations/renewals; Includes multiple registrations by same charities; 16% of returns are from multi-state filers


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Presentation to Schelumberger
www.webtel.in . Presentation on . E-FILING OF TDS / TCS RETURNS -Rajeev Khandelwal F.C.A., D.I.S.A.(I.C.A) e-mail : rajeevkhandelwalca


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Welcome to TaxRAPP 2008
DOF has created a Technology Standards Board and is actively participation in the TIGERS e-filing and have a valid EFIN for e-filing Federal tax returns.


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Taxbase: Software for Indian Income Tax return preparation including E-filing of return for Individual/HUF, Trusts, (e-filing) of such returns.


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Uniformity of Process across India. Assessee can File, Locate , View, Know the Status of documents online. Online Registration, Amendments and filing of Returns


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Slide 1 – Sinewave.co.in
Quarterly return with electronic filing (e-filing) of such returns. Unique TDS Snapshot Window gives overview of all payments made by. the


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NASCOnet & State E-Filing
Federal E-Filing Used by Millions . 60 million returns have been e-filed in 2004. Of these, 43.2 million individual tax returns were e-filed by Tax Professionals.


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California Franchise Tax Board
Groundwork . 1993: EFT; 1994: E-filing of tax returns; 1995: FTB website; 1996: TeleFile; 1998: Internet-based online filing, Direct Deposit of Refund


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download a copy of the seminar slides – IRAS
6. e-Filing GST Returns and Correcting Mistakes . What to include . Standard-rated purchases; Imports; Zero-rated purchases from GST-registered suppliers


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