CS276B Web Search and Mining
1 . CS276B Web Search and Mining . Lecture 10. Text Mining I. Feb 8, 2005 (includes slides borrowed from Marti Hearst)


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CS276B Web Search and Mining
CS276B Web Search and Mining . Lecture 14. Text Mining II (includes slides borrowed from G. Neumann, M. Venkataramani, R. Altman, L. Hirschman, and D. Radev)


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Open Source Text Mining
Ultra-cheap web servers ; Free news; Free email; Exception: text-mining-enhanced search; Text mining could transform the world. Unstructured


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CS276B Text Information Retrieval, Mining, and Exploitation
Lecture 10. Na?ve Bayes Text Classification . CS 6633 儋??索 Information Retrieval and Web Search . 儋? 125. Based on ppt files by Hinrich Schütze


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Information Retrieval, Search, and Mining
Standford web search/mining class [Manning, Raghavan] http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs276b/courseinfo.html; Others: S. Chakrabarti. 2003. Mining


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Text Mining
www.stanford.edu/class/cs276b/handouts/lecture10.ppt; Search Vs Discovery . Web Mining . Text Resources .


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Subsidence hazard caused by chalk mining
Thorough historical search, use of old maps, mining records etc; International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Science & Geomechanics Web links. http://www.soton.ac.


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Managing the chaos
Blogs, podcast, print media, tv, radio, web media; Importance of Google, Yahoo, etc ? search engines! Where Data mining; Surveys/statistics


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Text Classification : The Na?ve Bayes algorithm
Assign labels to each document or web-page: Labels are most often topics such as Yahoo-categories e.g e.g., search vertical: about Linux versus not


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Information Retrieval and Data Mining
http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs276b/syllabus.html Collaborative Data Mining (Collaborative) Web Search (much harder than file search) IRDM WS 2005 .


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