Diseases of the Lung
Lung Cancer . A person who smokes more than 1 pack of cigarettes per day has a risk of developing lung cancer 20-25 times greater than someone who has never smoked


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Diseases of the Chest Wall . Deformity of thoracic cage such as kyphoscoliosis and ankylosing spondylitis. Scoliosis ? lateral curvature of spine, kyphosis


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Three main types of lung disease
Three main types of lung disease . Airway diseases — These diseases affect the tubes (airways) that carry oxygen and other gases into and out of the lungs.


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TCM Lung Disease
TCM LUNG Physiology . Governs Qi & Respiration; Inhales “clear” Qi; Exhales “stale” Qi; Forms Zong Qi from Gu Qi & clear Qi


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Eosinophilic Lung Disease Cases
Eosinophil ? our friend and foe . Two-lobed, polymorphonuclear leukocyte; 12 to 15 um diameter; Created by IL-3, Il-5 and GM-CSF; Three granule types, largest


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Granulomatous diseases of the lung
Granulomatous diseases of the lung . Dr Keith M Kerr. Aberdeen Royal Infirmary . and Aberdeen University School of Medicine


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Chapter 18 Fungal Diseases of the Lung
Copyright ? 2006 by Mosby, Inc. Slide 7 . Overview of the Cardiopulmonary Clinical Manifestations Associated with FUNGAL DISEASES OF THE LUNG


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Infant Lung Disease and Associated Complications
Infant Lung Disease and Associated Complications . Mary P. Martinasek, BS, RRT. Director of Clinical Education. Hillsborough Community College


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Pulmonary Diseases & Disorders: Assessment
Pulmonary Diseases & Disorders . Many, many pulmonary diseases; Difficult to Baseline measurement for obstructive lung disease; Often available


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Recognizing and preventing Occupational asthma and lung diseases
Recognizing and preventing Occupational asthma and lung diseases . Moira Chan-Yeung, University of British Columbia


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