Independent Contractor or Casual Employee?
PBS document / APS Form . Continuing maintenance contracts or other recurring services or services subject to bidding requirements should be handled using standard

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Independent Contractor or Casual Employee?
Independent Contractor or Casual Employee? How to Complete the Employee/Independent Contractor Classification Checklist (EICCC)

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2008: An Independent Contractor Odyssey
except one whose employment is both casual and not in the usual course of the trade, See article titled Employee vs. Independent Contractor .

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How to Hire a Service Provider &
A Temporary or Casual Employee is NOT a Service Provider. should the Service Provider be treated as an EMPLOYEE or an Independent Contractor?

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Tech 435
Employee vs. Independent Contractor; Relationship of work performed; Casual Connection (Cont) Typical Casual Connection Defense; Intervening and Superceding;

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Brandeis University Consultant Policy
What is an Independent Contractor? hired by the University for an unspecified time period while a temporary employee is hired for sporadic or casual employment

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Employment Law ABC’s &nb
I. Independent Contractor vs. Employee. II. Employment At Will. III Casual domestic baby sitters and companions to those unable to care for themselves

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Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) Training Program
Independent Contractor/Travel Reimbursement; Property Management; Central Procurement Services; HRM . June 15, 2000 . (should person be a casual employee?

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How to Hire a Service Provider/Consultant (SP/C)
Why we hire Temporary or Casual Employee: For Sole Proprietors or Partners we have them complete the Independent Contractor Certification Form,

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AN EMPLOYEE BY ANY OTHER NAME he might be categorized as casual, temporary, part-time; independent Independent Contractor or use

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