One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
One-Way ANOVA . Unlike the t-test, the ANOVA can look at levels or subgroups of IV’s; The t-test can only test if an IV is there or not, not differences between

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One-way ANOVA
Analysis of Variance XVI > summary.1way(fit1) ANOVA Table: Df Sum Squares Mean Square F-statistic p-value . Between Groups 2 1787.90127 893

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One-Way ANOVA . The one-way analysis of variance is used to test the claim that three or more population means are equal; This is an extension of the two

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Four Methods of Teaching ANOVA Do these four samples differ enough from each other to reject the null hypothesis that type of instruction has no effect on mean

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The manager of a training outfit for sales representatives would like to know if there might be a significant difference among three methods of instruction (Method

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An important technique for analyzing the effect of categorical factors on a response is to perform an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). An ANOVA decomposes the

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What is ANOVA? ANOVA is short for ANalysis Of VAriance; Used with 3 or more groups to test for MEAN DIFFS. E.g., caffeine study with 3 groups:

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One-way ANOVA Inference for one-way ANOVA
The idea of ANOVA . Reminders: A factor is a variable that can take one of several levels used to differentiate one group from another. An experiment has a one-way, or

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Topics . Analysis with more than 2 levels; Deviation, Computation, Regression, Unequal Samples; Specific Comparisons; Trend Analysis, Planned comparisons, Post

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One-Way and Factorial ANOVA
One-Way ANOVA . Two ways to run a one-way ANOVA; Analyze ? Compare Means ? One-Way ANOVA; Use if you have multiple DV’s, but only one IV

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